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The More In Common initiative took shape from work undertaken since 2015 to understand why advanced democracies failed to respond more effectively to the refugee crisis and its impact on domestic politics. Since then, our focus has widened to include broader questions of identity and belonging. More in Common's published studies of public attitudes in several European countries and the United States are already regarded as among the most insightful and actionable analyses of public opinion. Our researchers have also published papers on polarisation, social media and the psychology of political behaviour. 

Attitudes Towards National Identity, Immigration, and Refugees in Germany

Jul 2017 | MiC Report | Available in English and German

Germans remain among the most supportive populations of immigration in Europe. Yet, many Germans hold mixed views about the integration of refugees into German society, especially concerning those from Muslim backgrounds. How will German society appeal to its historical sense of responsibility towards people seeking protection from conflict? Read more.

Attitudes Towards Refugees, Immigrants, and Identity in France

Jul 2017 | MiC Report | Available in English and French

Beyond refugee and immigration policies, there exists a wider French anxiety about the notion of ‘otherness,’ partially resulting from a widely shared perception that France has not integrated immigrants successfully. Can France convince people to accept further new arrivals? Read more.


The Psychology of Authoritarian Populism and 'Othering' - A Bird's Eye View

Jan 2018 | Research Paper | Principal Author: Daniel Yudkin | English only

The paper provides a bird’s-eye view of the most important contributions on authoritarian populism and othering. How can different areas of academic specialisation help us understand the appeal of authoritarian populism? Read more.


Is the Internet Eroding Europe's Middle Ground? Public Opinion, Polarisation and New Technologies

Feb 2018 | Research Paper | Principal Author: Tim Dixon, Míriam Juan-Torres | English only

Across Europe, vigorous debates about national identity issues are increasingly prominent. Extreme right groups have become adept at using social media to reach target audiences who are most susceptible to their narratives. How will Europe navigate widening social fractures? Read more.


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Netherlands Report




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Italy Report



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Greece Report (2018)


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USA Report


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French Catholics Report (2018)