More in Common UK

The More in Common team is launching a landmark study of the social psychology of Britain on Monday October 26.

Called ‘Britain’s Choice’ and available at, the study is the beginning of a new phase of More in Common’s work, building on the evidence base of one of the most extensive studies of the British population undertaken in many years – asking people about their values, concerns, priorities and attitudes on a host of current issues. We have engaged with more than 10,000 panellists through four waves of surveys, and through focus groups and one-on-one interviews with 140 people across England, Scotland and Wales.

We’re looking forward to sharing the rich stories of the seven segments of the British population identified by our social psychology and data science teams, using the methodology we’ve built through similar projects in the US, France and Germany. The report explains the seven segments and then explains how understanding this map of our country helps unpack what has been happening in recent years in:

  • politics
  • our increasing polarisation around Brexit
  • our sense of growing fault lines
  • our changing sense of British identity (and English, Scottish and Welsh identity)
  • issues of racism and immigration
  • the emerging common ground around issues such as inequality, protecting our environment and strengthening local communities post-Covid-19.

The report concludes with a discussion of how Britain can move beyond the divisive Brexit years, and how following the devastating impact of Covid-19, Britain builds back better – by building on common ground.

The insights from this project will help inform our future work – and we hope also, the future work of many in government, business, charities and not-for-profits and community organisations up and down the country.