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More in Common is now engaging with a wide range of organisations across the UK following the launch of the Britain’s Choice project in late 2020.

The project began with the release of a landmark study of 2020s Britain, based on surveys and conversations with more than 10,000 people across England, Scotland and Wales. The study is available at, and the site will continue to be updated as the project expands.

Britain’s Choice provides an alternative perspective on British society, as we grapple with the uncertainties of a global health pandemic, recession and Brexit. It shows that there is widespread exhaustion with the divisiveness of recent years, and very little appetite for new rounds of ‘culture wars’. There is a strong desire for change, at the same time as a shared sense of pride in Britain’s many achievements. A clear agenda of priorities for the next decade also emerges from the study, with surprising levels of agreement on those priorities across different groups.

The study maps British society according to people’s values and beliefs, identifying seven distinctive groups. Those groups are not divided into two rigidly opposed camps – instead, they operate more like coloured glass in a kaleidoscope. They cluster together in different formations from one issue to the next. And just as importantly, the Britain’s Choice project finds much more common ground among people than is often assumed.

As we engage with people across Britain, we will be forging new partnerships for our work with civil society and local community groups, government, business, faith and other organisations, up and down the country.