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Societies are fracturing as the forces of division grow stronger, driving people apart.

We are losing trust in each other and in the future. Feelings of frustration, powerlessness and a loss of belonging are making us vulnerable to ‘us versus them’ stories, which turn us against each other. Social media is magnifying the loudest and most extreme voices.

A generation ago, experts claimed the forces of democracy, freedom and progress were unstoppable. Instead we are entering the 2020s with many of the most established democracies feeling weakened, unstable and under increasing threat.

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Our organization’s name reflects our vision: to build more united, inclusive and resilient societies in which people believe that what they have in common is stronger than what divides them.

More in Common’s mission is to understand the forces driving us apart, to find common ground and help to bring people together to tackle our shared challenges.

We draw from groundbreaking research to test and find solutions, working with partners that have the capacity to make a real difference at scale. And we help build the larger field of efforts to strengthen democratic societies against the threats of polarization and division.

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Research release: 'Strong public support for rebuilding America’s refugee program'

Americans support the Biden Administration's plan to restore the US refugee program by a 22-point margin of 55-33% when given the opportunity to get more directly involved in welcoming refugees, according to a new YouGov poll commissioned by More in Common.

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Britian's Choice

‘Britain’s Choice’: More in Common UK releases new report on Britain in 2020

Britain’s Choice is the result of an 18-months engagement with more than 10,000 people through surveys, conversations and interviews, to examine the hopes and fears, values and core beliefs of people in Britain.

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The New Normal?

Our 7-country report drawing from a survey of 14,000 people on the impacts of COVID-19 on trust, social cohesion, democracy and expectations for an uncertain future in France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The New Normal?
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Collaborations that make a difference. From understanding what can bring America back together to the creation of an annual community street party.

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