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More in Common works on both short and longer term initiatives to address the underlying drivers of fracturing and polarization, and build more united, resilient and inclusive societies.

Our work starts with building a strong evidence base through our research. In each of our four priority countries, we have engaged thousands of people through surveys, interviews, focus groups, community conversations and expert interviews. We ask about their experiences, values, fears and hopes. We regularly publish original insights from this work and our research has been covered in hundreds of media articles across our five countries.

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Stories and narratives can unite or divide us, and we believe in the power of stories of a ‘bigger us’ to counter the appeal of efforts to divide societies into ‘us-versus-them’.

We develop communication strategies that can unite people across the lines of division and strengthen people’s sense of belonging and identity.

We also develop and test on-the-ground initiatives to counter polarization and ‘othering’ of groups in our society, and build bridges across dividing lines. We work with large institutional partners such as civil society organizations, faith groups, environmental groups, employers and unions to test and scale the most effective initiatives, aiming to reach large numbers of people and achieve systemic impact.

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Beyond our own initiatives, we are committed to help build the field of efforts to counter polarization and ‘us versus them’ divisions. We are joining with others in helping to define, inform and catalyze impact across this ecosystem. We help organizations who care about these issues but need to find how they can have the greatest positive impact.