More in Common Poland

More in Common Poland is a non-partisan initiative dedicated to researching and understanding the forces that polarize us and ways we can build a more united and inclusive society.  

Poland today is one of the most polarized countries in Europe. Over the years divisive narratives caused deep rifts in this seemingly homogeneous society. We believe that for Polish democracy and society to thrive again, it is necessary to develop strategies that will lead to reducing division and distrust, easing tensions, and countering polarization. 

Our current work

Our recent work centers around a better understanding of Polish society as it faces crucial challenges such as the climate crisis or rising costs of living. We have also studied Poles’ attitudes toward democracy and the ways they navigated uncertainty amidst the global pandemic.


To further explore what is driving Polish people apart and what can bring us back together we are working on a segmentation study of the Polish population. We use methodologies drawn from a range of disciplines including social psychology and behavioral science to identify various groups within society based on core beliefs and a sense of identity. Such an approach has already been tested by More in Common in other national contexts such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and more. We believe that insights from this study, once shared with partners in civil society, media, and elected officials can inform new strategies for strengthening the Polish democratic ecosystem.

ZLOT SLP (2022 10 22 Zegrze) Sm 179

We also seek to find new common ground in the Polish debate around issues such as gender equality, migration, climate change, and LGBTQ+ rights. We believe that comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research on people’s values, attitudes, and expectations can help civil society actors to engage with all parts of the Polish population in a constructive and inclusive way.

New Study: Attitudes Toward Democracy

Itʼs Complicated. People and Their Democracy in Germany, France, Britain, Poland and the United States.


Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis

Just as Europe is emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, the continent is now preparing for a new winter of discontent brought on by an acute cost-of-living crisis which will likely remain at the top of the political agenda for months to come.