More in Common US

More in Common’s mission is to build a more united and inclusive America that is resilient to the profound threats posed by our country’s polarization.  

  • Nine in every ten Americans say that their country has never felt so divided, and that they feel exhausted by this polarization.  
  • Yet more than three quarters also believe that our differences are not so great that we cannot come together as Americans.  

We believe that a unifying story of ‘us’ is more powerful than ‘us-versus-them’ narratives that divides us as Americans from each other. 

What We Do 

Using our research, we form partnerships with a wide range of civil society groups, as well as the philanthropy, business, faith, education, media and government sectors to connect people across the lines of division. Our work includes: 

  • Research into public attitudes 
  • Communications initiatives that resonate with those currently being targeted by divisive ‘us-versus-them’ narratives 
  • On-the-ground partnerships with nonprofit and academic institutions that bring people together across lines of division 
  • Field-building initiatives to strengthen others’ efforts to address our country’s social fractures  


Hidden Tribes 

Our foundational study, Hidden Tribes, launched in 2018 to better understand the forces that are driving Americans apart, and to galvanize efforts to address them. The report, Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape provides deep insights into the psychological drivers of polarization and the role of ‘upstream’ values and beliefs. This study identifies 67% of Americans are part of the ‘Exhausted Majority’ defined as Americans that are fatigued by the polarized state of our society and eager for change.  

Our work centers around better understanding the Exhausted Majority and their views, attitudes, and beliefs and how they differ from those of more extreme groups, “the wings.” Hidden Tribes report has featured in more than 800 news items and articles.   

You can find out more about Hidden Tribes here, including finding out what ‘tribe’ you belong to:

Key Publications

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Defusing the History Wars

Finding Common Ground in Teaching America's National Story

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Perception Gap

The Perception Gap

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Democracy For President

A Guide to How Americans can Strengthen Democracy During a Divisive Election

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Stories of Distrust

Two stories of distrust in America

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American Identity

American Identity Fabric and Belonging

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We are engaging with institutional partners from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors around on-the-ground initiatives to strengthen social cohesion. These partnerships involve sharing and testing research insights from our reports together in a real-world context, and include partners working on immigration, racial justice, economic opportunity, education, healthcare, philanthropic strategies and organizational leadership in a polarized society.

Support our work of promoting a more united, inclusive, and resilient country in which people believe that what they have in common is stronger than what divides them. 


More in Common US is nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization and per IRS regulations, does not endorse, support, or affiliate with any political candidates, political campaigns, or organizations. We are headquartered in New York with staff located in towns and cities across the U.S. including California, Colorado, DC, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

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