More in Common is an initiative that aims to protect democratic societies from the threats of authoritarian populism, polarisation and social division. We believe that the drivers of these threats are intensifying and that we need to work urgently at many levels to counter them.

Our goal is to counter these threats by:

  • Building powerful narratives of ‘us’
  • Connecting people across lines of difference
  • Forging transformational experiences of ‘us’

Our work is informed by state-of-the-art research that combines public opinion studies, social psychology, and insights from different social science disciplines. We continually look for initiatives that can bring together unifying narratives and transformational experiences.A narrative that widens a person’s sense of self makes them more open to connecting with others. A connection that widens a person’s sense of themselves, especially in the context of inclusive narratives, can transform their perception of others and make them resilient to narratives that seek to divide.