Europe Votes

On June 6-9 2024, more than 400 million citizens of the European Union will be called upon to vote in the European parliament elections. While these elections are not capturing the public’s imagination, they are nonetheless decisive. With key issues such as Ukraine, climate, migration and democracy on the ballot, the results will be vitally important to the future of Europe.

Our teams in Germany, France, Poland and Spain have been working to better understand the state of public opinion at a time of great uncertainty. Where this work differs from and complements other efforts is that More in Common focuses mainly on national dynamics and not on comparative trends across the EU. In addition to our polling, we’re also working with dozens of partners across issues and geographies to apply our insights.

In March 2024, we published a series of detailed national studies based on a survey of 8,250 people in Germany, France Poland and Spain (conducted with Verian Group ex Kantar Public). These comprehensive reports capture the mood in four key EU Member States by covering a broad range of issues including immigration, perceptions of Europe, climate, Ukraine, EU enlargement and the cost of living crisis.

You can find a comprehensive summary of key findings across 4 countries here  🇫🇷🇩🇪🇪🇦🇵🇱
Detailed findings on France (in French) can be found here 🇫🇷
Detailed findings on Germany (in German) can be found here 🇩🇪
Full Report on Poland (in Polish) can be found here 🇵🇱
Detailed findings on Spain (in Spanish) can be found here 🇪🇦

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EU flag image © European Parliament / Pietro Naj-Oleari