More in Common took shape from work undertaken since 2016 to understand why so many societies were dividing around debates about their identity and belonging, and why people were being increasingly persuaded to see debates about immigration, refugees and diversity through the lens of ‘us-versus-them’. Since then, we have broadened our research agenda and incorporated several layers of social psychology research to provide a deeper analysis of the different factors contributing to polarization and social fracturing.

More in Common’s published studies of public attitudes in several European countries and the United States are already regarded as among the most insightful and actionable analyses of public opinion. Our team also published papers on polarization, social media and the psychology of political behavior.

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Middle earth. Legislative elections, one year later: moderate France facing the far right

June 2023

Monday June 19, 2023 marks the first anniversary of the election of the new National Assembly and the installation, for the first time, of 89 deputies from the National Rally on the benches of the hemicycle. What impact has this new representation had on the image of the far-right party among moderate voters? Through a qualitative analysis in focus groups, the new study offers an unprecedented deciphering of the perception of the RN by segments of the population who do not constitute its electorate.

Overcoming Distrust and Reducing Partisan Animosity - A New Method

May 2023

A new method developed by More in Common significantly reduced feelings of hostility between political party members to a level that resembles the political climate of the 1980s, when Republicans and Democrats held close-to-neutral feelings towards one another.

Welcoming Ukrainians: Stories from Liverpool

May 2023

More in Common speaks to three Ukrainians who have made their homes in Liverpool, as the city prepares to host Eurovision on behalf of their country

Mobility and transition: how to get the French moving?

April 2023

While the climate crisis requires us to reduce CO2 emissions generated by transport, how can we fully engage the French in the mobility transition without antagonizing them? Through a methodology based on value systems, the analysis of perceptions and imaginations makes it possible to identify points of tension and to outline the multiple paths to an acceptable transition for everyone.

Operation Iraqi Freedom at 20: Americans and the Iraq War

March 2023
Toplines + Timeline

Based on a survey of 2000 Americans, this report explores Americans’ attitudes towards and memories of the Iraq War (2003-2011). We produced this report as part of our Veterans and Citizens Initiative (, to observe the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Our goal is to help generate a greater understanding and connection between the veteran and military community and the broader society.

Welcoming Ukrainians: The Hosts' Perspective

March 2023

A new report by More in Common, drawing on an original survey of 1200+ Homes for Ukraine hosts, finds that one year on from its launch, the scheme has been a broad success.

Poland after winter

March 2023

We analyze how Polish society coped with the challenges of last winter: rising energy prices and problems with the supply of certain raw materials, and we ask about the future of the energy industry in Poland.

Information: fifty shades of mistrust

February 2023

The French face disinformation. Destin Commun analyzes the relationship of the French to information and the media to better understand their relationship to disinformation. The study reveals that 7 out of 10 French people today say they are worried about disinformation. Far from placing the French in two opposing camps, between rational and conspiratorial, the analysis draws a continuum of distrust towards information, which concerns the majority of French people.

Defusing the History Wars: A Black History Month Report

February 2023

A follow-up to our Defusing the History Wars project, this report explores polarization in the national conversation over American history in the context of Black History Month.

SOTU 2023: Speaking to the Exhausted Majority

January 2023

More in Common conducted a national survey the week following the November 2022 midterm elections. To better connect with the Exhausted Majority the data indicates that both the President's speech and the GOP response should focus on articulating a positive vision for the country while acknowledging the anxieties and frustrations most feel towards our country's politics. ​